Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tutu for you

Here is another one of my favorites to make. My tutus are all hand tied. Yup, that means every single piece of tulle is hand tied to the waist band. I use about 50 yards of tulle for each of my tutus. They can be made in a variety of colors and accents. I am limited only by your imagination.

Here is one that I made in the spring. It sat in the back room of Isabelle's at the Ropewalk Mall in Mattapoisett for 3 months waiting for the buyer to decide if she wanted to carry them at the Village Toy Shop in Fairhaven. She was always too busy to decide so I picked up my stuff and said goodbye to the wish of selling my creations in a store. I will tell you a secret. They charge $80 and up for their tutus and they are made in a factory. My tutus start at $30 and are handmade. E-mail me if you are interested!

Monday, November 24, 2008

1 down. 5 to go.

Here is the first of 5 clutches that I need to make this week. I have taken a long break from sewing and I think I am back in the saddle. I am done feeling sorry for myself and need to make some $$ for Christmas presents for Alice. Here it is!! Made with Amy Butler's August Fields fabric. I will post the others as they are made. I am going for an all out sweat shop this week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anyone out there?

If anyone is still interested, I would love to get a little handmade action under your Christmas tree this year. Considering there are only about 36 more shopping days to go and an item generally takes me a day to make in between work and child and home, if you want me to make something for you let me know now. I do work in retail and I generally have a nervous breakdown on December 22, so get your orders in now!! Anyone?.......Hello!.....Anyone? (here is where you hear the crickets chirping.)

Monday, November 3, 2008

When it rains.....

IT POURS!!!! And it always comes in 3s.

This past week has been nothing but turmoil. In chronological order....

#1: To start, my house was broken into on Wednesday of last week. My in-laws came over to my house at about 12:10 to get Alice's car seat to get her from school. They found my TV on it's side and DVD s all over the floor. Anyone who knows me knows that I am sort of a neat freak. It's wasn't to long after they realized that someone had broken into my house. My first response was weather or not the dog had gotten out. Pete was fine. if only he could talk. The person stole our DVD player, laptop, digital voice recorder, my jewelry box and Alice's piggy bank. You have to be pretty desperate to steal a kids piggy bank. That was the item that bothered me the most. My front door is destroyed and needs to be replaced. It was original to the house and was one of the reasons why I loved the house when we bought it. The carpenter said that it wasn't worth saving, the thing is since it is an antique it is a strange size which means a custom door which also means a lot of $$$$ which we do not have.

#2: I got home from work on Sunday and found out that my kitty had knocked the camera off the table and is now broken. Just when you need a digital camera to take pictures of the damage caused by a break in.

#3:My grandmother called me this morning to tell my that my great aunt Alice had passed away this morning. She is the name sake for my daughter Alice. She was the nicest woman you would ever know and she always felt like a grandma to me. Her husband Henry is my grandfather's brother. When my grandfather passed away when I was 2 he stepped in and treated me like I was his own. Henry and Alice had the most loving relationship I have ever seen. Even into their 90's, Henry still would surprise Alice with flowers and candy for no good reason except to show her that he loved her. They were living for each other and I know in my heart Henry will not be able to live with out her.