Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dolly and things.

This is the first thing that I have made with my new sewing machine. It is going to a little girl, Izzy, for her 1st birthday. I swear to you that I am the supplier for birthday gifts for my friend Jill. And I am telling you that her kids get invited to more birthday parties than I know people on this planet. She loves to give handmade gifts and I love to supply them. Plus it gets my name out there. *hint*hint* I make custom super hero capes and tutus too! That reminds me! I have some pics of the custom capes I made for the holidays--------> here they are.
And I am also going to leave you with a pic of the dolly Alice and I made on Sunday night. She picked out the fabric and stuffed the body parts. I surprised her with a little tutu for her dolly. She has slept with it every night since.