Tuesday, June 15, 2010

summer begins-

School is almost out! (thank goodness, because I really want to sleep in) Which means lazy days on the beach with best friends and chilly nights by the fire.

This year went by so fast, I can not for the life of me wrap my head around the fact that my BABY will be in 1st grade next year!!! I can remember my first day of 1st grade like it was yesterday. I pretty sure that at least 2 kids puked on the playground that morning. The jitters of going from warm fuzzy Mrs. Brown in pre-school to Sr. Suzanne in Kindergarten and then finally the very strict 1st grade teacher Sr. Jean-Marie was too much for some. Things have changed, thankfully, with how easy schools make the transition into 1st grade for kids now. Alice will seamlessly transition and I will be left thinking on the first day of school in September, "Where did all this time go?" I am pretty sure just last week I was 6 and playing double dutch at recess!!!

Sewing comes in very sporadic spurts for me now. I have received a lot of custom orders for Super Hero capes from this one very wonderful family in Maryland. They started out as Christmas presents for the grand kids, now the friends of grand kids want them and now capes have been ongoing birthday presents for friends. It makes me so happy that children are taking a very simple cape and enjoying hours of imaginative play. It make the hours of sewing and creating well worth it!

until next time.....